At Its Fete we offer a bespoke service, which is especially important for events such as Weddings … we want to fit in with and enhance your special day with our range of services and activities.

We like to work with our clients to create the right package for them and with the right finishing touches to make each event even more memorable.  For example, the below packages should give you a good indication of the type of services we offer.

Silver Ice Cream Package for upto 100 people

This would include your choice of 4 different traditional ice creams (selected from numerous scrumptious flavours), served from a bespoke decorated vintage-styled ice cream tricycle typically for a continuous 2hr period by friendly staff.  The ice cream would be unlimited (within reason!). The Its Fete “Silver” ice cream service also includes a side-table decorated with a vintage lace tablecloth and serviette holder (and serviettes) with a selection of sauces, chocolate flakes, fudge sticks, sprinkles or other toppings. NB our local travel costs, set up and clear up time for the event is all included.

Silver Ice Cream & Fete Package for upto 100 people

This includes the same ice cream package as above plus the set up and running of a traditional English village fete for typically 2hrs, to include 5 stalls such as – coconut shy, tin can alley, hoopla, splat-the-rat and ball-in-the bucket. A sack of coconuts and a large selection of  small prizes are also included in this package, but upgrades / flexibility with prizes are available to suit our clients requirements.

The special original vintage Popeye & Olive Oyl Peep Board can typically be added on to a package.

The Traditional Candy Floss stall can be added to a “Silver Package” for 100 people; this includes the set up of the traditional candy floss stall and unlimited candyfloss for typically a 2hr period.

Additional Vintage Accessories can also be hired to further enhance the look and feel of your special day – these include items such as 19th century scales and brass scoop (with a set of imperial brass weights) and vintage leather suitcases.

Whilst we tend not to hire out just individual items, especially the smaller ones, on their own (because the time involved and costs tend to be prohibitive) feel free to contact us to enquire about what may be possible.

Our full terms and conditions will be provided and must be agreed to prior to any booking being confirmed.  However, in brief:

Confirmation of booking (and securing your choice of date) will require the payment of an initial deposit.  Full payment will be required at least 28 days prior to your event. Additionally, for certain packages / items, a refundable deposit – subject to safe return / no damage being caused – will be needed in advance.